How Did "The Bump" Begin?

Yes, it would make an interesting story. I think part of the era had a lot to do with it.

Although there was a song in the early 60's by Alvin Cash & the Crawlers(the same group that did 'Twine Time'...on the B-side) called *The Bump*, but since I never saw anyone dance the bump in the early 60's from classic R&R films; I would not know.

The mid to late 1970's was the peak of the sexual revolution, it makes sense that a dance with that name would come to be and be very popular, as bumpers didn't just bump hip on the dance floor- serious bumpers bumped & grinded groins on the dance floor.

Remember the classic popular

Song lyrics of Grace Jones's song...'pull up to the bumper, it in between'.

Well, that says it all!

































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