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Emailed September 2006:

Hello: I came across your wonderful site on Mary Beth Hughes and enjoyed it very much. I have always been interested in her because I was named after her. I was born in 1953 in Springfield, Illinois, although in 1943 my mother was living in St. Louis and working as a nurse in a hospital in Alton, Illinois. At some point during that time, she attended a parade that included Hollywood stars whom were raising money for war bonds. Among the celebrities were Lucille Ball and Mary Beth Hughes. My mother always remembered Ms. Ball's carrot red hair and Ms. Hughes' lovely first name. When I was born, 10 years later, her first child, she and my father decided on Mary Beth (not Mary Elizabeth) for my name.   While growing up, I knew several other girls named Mary Beth, but their names were shorten from Elizabeth to Beth. I was the only actual "Mary Beth" and was proud of it. I have seen Ms. Hughes in the "Ox Bow Incident" and saw her several weeks ago in a movie with Esther Williams. Could you ever get an interview with her only child, recalling his memories of his mother? Again, thanks for the great website. Best wishes, Mary Beth R.


Emailed May 2006:

I had mentioned if I came across  anything on Mary Beth Hughes I'd let you in on it. I came across these DVDs today at Tower Records. They're new to me so I am looking forward to viewing them. Only $6.99 each ! I have since told friends & others of your web site & the feed back has been very impressive ! Thanks again for sharing Mary Beth with me & others . Sincerely   GARTH 


Emailed July 2005:  

Hi, W. Ballard :

I just wanted to compliment you on having such a beautifully designed and informative web site. Though I have seen only a few "Mary Beth" films, I am a collector of motion picture poster art and thought you may like to add the following to your "web" poster collection . Though she is pictured predominantly on the FREE. BLONDE AND 21 one sheet [ 27"x 41"] and title lobby card [ 11"x14"] - she is pictured in only 3 scenes in the set of 8 lobby cards .

I have also included the one sheet -  STAR DUST which was a springboard to stardom for Linda Darnell as well as for other Fox hopefuls. Mary Beth - though not pictured -  does receive billing.  

Enjoy - and once again compliments on your web site.  GARTH


Emailed May 2005:  

You're welcome to upload these pictures to your web site.
The message in the first picture was to my grandparents, the message in the second picture was to my father. I would like to see the messages stay in the picture, if possible.

As to where the pictures came from, my grandparents and their relatives are from the Alton/East St. Louis area. I can only assume that was the connection.

Rich Wessel


Emailed October 2003:    

That was a nice site you put up for Ms. Hughes. Mary Brian was another forgotten great actress who just passed away.  

Mr. Campis



Emailed September 2003:  

I went to cosmetology school with her in 1977 . 
She also told me she didn't think premieres were glamourous because they took back her clothes afterward.



(Mick said that Mary Beth went into hiding on my web site!)


Emailed Spring 2003:  

While I have no stories or pictures to share about the lovely Mary Beth Hughes, I would just like to say one or two things.

I first became aware of Ms. Hughes when I purchased a boxed set of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 that just happened to have "I Accuse My Parents" in it. Although I didn't think the movie was all that bad, I was particularly taken by Ms. Hughes acting ability. As you've mentioned in your site, her eyes are very expressive (as well as incredibly captivating). As far as I'm concerned, she was the only actor in that entire movie who wasn't "cardboard" or stereotypical. While everyone else seemed to just be playing their part, it felt to me like she had embraced Kitty Reid and "became" her.

I can't tell you how many times I've watched that movie over and over again. And, everytime I do, I find a new reason to fall in love with Ms. Hughes.

Secondly, after some trying and failing, I finally managed to come across your site and I must say that I'm quite delighted to find it. You have created and maintained a wonderful tribute to a beautiful and talented woman who should have made a bigger splash in Hollywood than she did. So, thank you very much for this site. I will bookmark and return to this site again and hopefully have something to contribute as well.




Emailed Winter 2003:

I met Mary Beth in 1944 on the set of "Timber Queen" I believe it was made at Pine and Thomas the quickie. Seven day shooting schedule! My father was the Make-up artist on that movie. I can agree with you she was beautiful. Ted North was on the set and I met him also. My father's name was Jules Michelson, you can find
Good luck,

Mike Michelson


Emailed summer 2002:

Dear W. Ballard,

I found your Mary Beth Hughes website and I wanted to write you to give you some more information about Mary Beth. From 1989 to 1991, I worked at a Telemarketing company called TeleTech , in Sherman Oaks, California. Mary Beth was one of my co-workers, selling US Sprint long distance over the phone. I remember her being smart and funny and wouldn't take any BS from anyone.

One funny story happened in 1990, I think. The telecenter where we worked was also the location where the 1-800 calls for the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" came in. One evening, the TV crew was in the parking lot, setting up to film Robert Stack, the show's host, standing in front of the phone banks. Mary Beth was working late and learned that "Unsolved Mysteries" was going to be filming. So, she quicklywalked over to the first Production Assistant she could find and demanded " Where's Bobby? I want to talk to Bobby!"

The poor PA, said " Uh...Mr. Stack ?" Mary Beth said, " Yeah, Bobby."The PA said importantly, " Mr. Stack is in his trailer. He doesn't see anyone ." Mary Beth indignantly said, " Well, tell Bobby that Mary Beth Hughes is out here!" "Does he know who you are ?" the PA asked."He should" Mary Beth said, a twinkle in her eye, "We dated for a year and a half."

So, the PA got Stack to come out of his trailer and he and Mary Beth talked until he had to go and film his segment.We all got laid off in May of 1991 (on my birthday, go figure), and I lost touch with her after that.

She was a classy dame.

Thanks for your website. I hope you enjoyed my news.

All The Best,



Emailed summer 2001:

According to a male reader out in Western USA, around 1940, Mary Beth Hughes was on a personal appearance tour with Elsa Maxwell, Mary Healy, as a group of 4 starlets. Mary Beth was accompanied by her mother, Fosetta. His parents took him down to the Chicago Theater (or the Oriental) Chicago Loop, where Mary Beth was appearing. Peter Lind Hayes was courting Mary Healy while this tour was 'on the road,' and visited Mary Healy backstage while he was there with his parents between shows. Not long after, Mary Beth began touring with Red Skelton, and often performed in Chicago at the "Chez Paree." Mary Beth would often invite his parents to her club debues and pay for their enitire evening out.


Early 2001:

According to reader, Myk Price (grandchild of Mary Beth's assistant, Beatrice Price) in 1972-1973, Mary Beth lived in what was the Sepulveda, California area, now known as North Hills. There was a gentleman whom she started spending time with(probably Nick Stewart). He had a daughter who was about Myk's age (7). Myk stated that Mary Beth gave him his very first accordion and a stack of Jo Ann Castle albums, which he used to teach himself the instrument (which he still has and most of the records, too). He also wrote that Mary Beth had a large outdoor swimming pool, and a garden with white rocks.


Mary Beth's Film, Radio & TV debues

Posters with Mary Beth

Mary Beth stories from Readers  


 Visit historical Alton, IL - Mary Beth's birth place.

Visit Sepulveda, CA/North Hills - Where Mary Beth Lived.




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